MyTimeline, a plugin for Pebble/Tasker

MyTimeline is a plugin for Tasker (Android).
It allows you to push anything (within Taskers power) you want to your Pebble Timeline.

For instance, you want to know when your child is at a location.
In Tasker you can set a task which will be executed when he/she has entered the proximity of the location and you can push this to your Timeline.

You can use static text or Tasker variables as the title/subtitle or body of your Timeline pin.
Check out MyTimeline

Pip Boy 100 Leaderboard!

As of now the Pip Boy 100 has a leaderboard so you can compete with others Vault Dwellers for the highest level!

After you set a nickname in the settings screen your experience points will be periodically updated to the leaderboard.
The top 20 users will be shown in the settings screen also, so move and get up there!

Update right now from the Pebble App Store!

Current leaderboard:

Pip Boy 100 update!

The Pip Boy 100 can now also show you the weather!

Just shake your pebble and the current weather will be shown briefly.


shown left is:
-minimum temperature
-maximum temperature
-Air pressure
shown right is:
-weather type
-weather icon
-current temperature

The watchface will be on the Pebble App store soon, until then you can try this